Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goodies for Basketball Team

Goodies made for my daughter (Jess) basketball team. Just a simple goodies for 2 teams of 17 girls all together (The Phantoms and Blue Angels). They are always practicing together.

The season is almost over and we are going to have a little early celebration this afternoon. so...i made 2 Lindt Chocolate Bar Slider for the coach and the manager (she is going around collecting money and making rosters and updating kids and parents with infos).
Here is the pic:

Pull up the bow and the inside will slides out. It can be re-use again. This Choco Bar Slider is a quick and simple gift for any occasions. Email me to order this Slider (Chocolate Bar not included) This sample is using Lindt Chocolate Bar. It can be done with other things. Colours and measurement can be adjusted as per your request.

Thank you for looking,

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